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What is Search Engine Marketing?
Although traditional media is still important, you can no longer disregard the search engines in your marketing efforts.

The Major Search Engines
A brief description of some of the major search engines, their search algorithms, and result formats.

How Search Engines Work
Search marketing basics: explanation of how major editorial search engines function and rank webpages.

Editorial vs. Sponsored Listings
What are the differences between editorial search engine listings and sponsored search engine listings and why would any search engine marketing strategy incorporate both?

Why is Search Engine Marketing valuable?
Where is the value of search engine optimization, and why no website should go without.

How is Google Page Rank determined?
What you need to know about Google's algorithm, and why linking is important.

How should Google Page Rank affect your linking strategy?
A comprehensive guide to reciprocal linking in light of Google's Page Rank algorithm.

Can I optimize my site myself for the search engines?
Don't believe it when you hear that you can't optimize your own site.

If I can optimize my site myself, why would I hire an SEO firm?
Anybody can optimize a site for the search engines, but why would you want to?

How should I choose my keywords?
A short guide to keyword research and selection process with suggestions and tips.



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How Search Engine Marketing is Done?
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