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   Today, the Internet counts more than 3 billion web pages. Search tools are therefore essential for helping users to find information and directing business to you.

   Successful promotion of your website means high-quality search engine rankings; so that users who are searching the internet for the services that you provide can easily find you listed in prime positions in the most popular search engines. Search engine ranking is thus considered as the most efficient web promotion tool.

   Search engine ranking optimisation can be carried out with a relatively small budget enabling even smaller businesses to compete with larger competitors through higher Internet visibility. For instance, when one does search for “flights Prague”, East Midlands Airline comes out on top of the search with none of the other major airlines operating in the Czech Republic featuring anywhere in the search results; and if you do a further search for “flight tickets Prague”, you won’t find any airlines featuring in the top search results. This means that airlines could in actual fact optimise their direct ticket sales to online clients if their website rankings were optimised in search engines. Furthermore, the Brand Awareness a website gets when it appears in the first positions can sometimes be more valuable than the traffic generated to the site.

   Thus, search engine ranking does not only promote traffic to your website, but also heightens brand awareness.

Objective and method of Search Engine Positioning

The goal of search engine positioning is to place a website within the first 30 positions in search results from the main geographically targeted search tools in order to drive targeted traffic to the website.

We do the following to ensure that you get the best out of your website:

Competitor analysis

This report will highlight your 5 main competitors and their search engine rankings as well as their rankings in comparison to yours before and after optimisation. This is necessary to assess which search keywords would be more effective defining your business activities; and will also allow us to follow your competitor’s ranking efforts.

Titles, descriptions and keywords

These are the keywords to be formalised that will “sell” your website by making it more attractive for higher search engine rankings – and will follow the exact market trends which are released by major search engine directories like AltaVista, Google and Yahoo.

Html optimisation We implement Meta-Tags to Html websites and offer optimisation of dynamic websites using “frames” or “Macromedia Flash” technology to allow them to be well accepted by search engines.

Domain Names In order to guarantee the geographically targeted search tools registration acceptance, the geographical domain names for the targeted countries are needed. For example, a Belgian search tool will not accept to register a website from a non-Belgian company unless the website is accessible with a .be or/and it proposes Belgium related content and an adapted linguistic version. We can buy your national domain names for you in function of the targeted countries. In some countries, the domain names are not liberalised and this means that a local company is required. We set up the reserved domain names and create, if necessary, an entry page adapted to the audience.

Doorway pages creation

Dynamic websites are those which use complicated graphic programs such as “Flash introductions shows” or which consist of frames and these kinds of websites are not well accepted by search directories and probably never will be. In order to overcome the obstacle of having to choose between a super presentation for your site and good search engine rankings, we are able to insert doorway pages into your website which will be accepted by search directories. A doorway page is a static Html page created in order to rank higher in search engine results for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. These pages act as “doorways” between the search engines and the website. They are search engine friendly and use the design of your website.

Manual submission in search engines and directories Once all your webpages have been created and updated, we transfer them onto your server. We then manually submit them to all the geographically targeted and main international search engines and directories.

Position analysis and re-submission

Each month we will assess the positioning results of search engine promotion for the selected keywords/search phrases in the different search engines and directories and compare this report with the one generated before launching out search engines promotion services. As search engine databases and algorithms are ever changing, your search engine ratings may drop at any time. Thus, website ranking optimisation is an ongoing process and once a ranking problem has been identified, we immediately resubmit your webspage or recreate doorway pages for submission to the problematic search directories.



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