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Registration of domains

What is the domain name and why do I need it?

Domain name such as is an internet address of your website. For example, company named Prime Web Consultin has a domain name Each company needs domain name, to ensure itself, that the potencional customers and business partners will find the informations about your company easilly.

Who is gonna be an owner of my domain name ?

The registred owner of your domain name is gonna be your company or you personally. That enables you to use the domain name for how long you want and for purposes you want. What should I do, if the domain name is already registred ? If the domain name you have choosen is already registred, contact our company via e-mail or phone and we will inform you, about possible ways, how to register or buy the domain name you need.

If you want to register you domain name now, please fill out this form and our staff will contact you as soon as possible.
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