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   Regardless of how competitive your market is or how complex your site is (frames, dynamically generated or mostly graphics), we can provide a custom search engine marketing solution that will get your site top ten positions on the phrases that matter most. The process starts with the Prime Web Consulting Search Engine Marketing Program, which will become the foundation of your online marketing success.

  • Are you experiencing these problems with your website

  • Our webiste is not showing up in the major search engines for phrases that are important and relevant to our business solutions.

  • We're not getting enough qualified visitors.

  • Our website has a poor conversion rate on signup and contact forms.

  • Our website is database driven and our pages (asp, cfm, jsp) are not getting listed with search engines.

    If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then you need The Prime Web Consulting Search Engine Marketing Program.

    Search Engine Optimization    Effective Search Engine Optimisation will move your site to the top of the search engines against your relevant search words.

       Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising a web site to increase its ranking and positioning within search engine results. Search engine optimisation uses many techniques including making sure that there is content relevant to the targeted search word or phrase in various key areas, and that search engines find this content and list the site above other web sites providing similar services.

       A recent survey by the Internet Association Bureau indicated that 80% of all Internet expenditure went to the Top 20 sites and the Top 10 attracted 96%. If your web site is not in the Top 10 you are missing out on lots of potential business.

    Our first step is to provide a free report on your site that will:

  • Highlight the search terms you should be appearing against

  • Show the number of searches per month for each of these search terms

  • Review your competitors and how well optimised they are

  • Provide a quote for effective optimisation of your site and for us to get you to number 1 in the search engines.



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