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How Search Engine Marketing is Done.

   Initial Discovery - to establish online marketing objectives, record current traffic levels and analyze your company's search engine position in relation to your nearest online competitors.

Initial Web Marketing Discovery will be the first step towards establishing a comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy. In this phase we will work to establish a clear understanding of the marketing objectives and a profile of your qualified visitor. We will also take this opportunity to brainstorm about custom strategies for reaching the stated goals.

Key Phrase Research - to identify the search terms that have the most potential of delivering qualified visitors.

The strategy for driving qualified visitors from the search engines into your site starts with building an understanding of your potential web customers and their search habits. Using your input, the latest search term data, and our experience, we will formulate a hierarchy of target search terms and key phase combinations that possess the greatest potential of attracting qualified searchers into your site. The outcomes of this research will be the basis for all meta tag and information page creation as well as site architecture design recommendations. You will also be provided with a web based system for managing and organizing your most valuable "objective oriented" phrases. This system will help keep all of your key marketing and communications informed about your most valuable SEO phases and terms. This system can also be accessible to your outside mar-comm partners such as such as your Public Relations Firm and or Advertising Agency.

Site Assessment - to evaluate the official web site, provide design recommen dations and suggest tips and tricks to help boost search engine presence.

One of the keys to helping your business achieve its search engine traffic goals is to ensure that the web site is constructed in a way that does not block search engines from entering and indexing it. To avoid this potential online marketing disadvantage, we will provide your site developers with a custom tutorial on how to design a search engine friendly web site. In this phase, we will also work with the site developers to evaluate the goals of the site and review the initial search engine marketing objectives. If you do not have a webmaster or site developer, we can be contracted to assume this role.

Expert Consulting - to brainstorm and advise on the most effective ases and to provide a benchmark for assessing progress.

Benchmark Search Engine Position Report - to assist in determining the target phrases that require the most attention and to provide a benchmark for assessing search engine position improvement.

Benchmark Search Engine Position Report with Competition - to assess and benchmark search engine position compared with identified competitors within the online space.



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