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   Web Traffic Reports - to provide you with monthly charts, graphs and analysis about who's visiting your sites, how they got there and what they're doing after they arrive.

   Attaining and maintaining a competitive advantage over the competition requires constant tracking of your web traffic statistics and search engine position relative to your competitors. As part of our ongoing monthly services we provide regular reports and analysis of visitor traffic and search engine positioning.

   Search Engine Position Reports - to monitor your site's rank in relation to the target search terms and competition.

The goal of search engine marketing is to establish top 20 positioning on the key phrases that are important to you. Our web position reports allow you to instantly check your site's positions on major search engines. Also, you can see how your site ranks on every keyword or phrase that's been targeted. These repots are also used as a benchmark to analyze the effectiveness of the optimization.

   New Ideas and Strategies - to provide you with a list of options and recommendations for the next phase.

Ongoing promotion will consist of monthly resubmission to all the search engines and modifications to information pages if necessary. During the year, we will always be available for consulting to provide feedback about the latest data, new Ideas and strategies.



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