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   Our staffs are multi talented and have long experience in the translation field. A team member may be a translator for one job, editor in the next and proof reader in a third situation. So, when you look at our management structure, think of it as roles that need to be filled. On small jobs, one person may fill several roles. On larger projects, we create several such structures, adding more translators, editors or proofreaders as needed. Our wide crossover possibilities promote flexibility.

Cherishing Independence

   Our translators, managers and editors are independent, self-employed entrepreneurs and it shows in their work. Unlike many employees, their attitude at work is positive and responsible. In other words, they care! They have to, or they're out of the loop and in this sense, our system is very self-regulatory.

Combining talents

   The most unique aspect of our system is our ability to connect people who will never meet, but are able to effectively cooperate and create work of great value. Simply put, you'd be hard put to find a team like ours in one city at one time. Bidding isn't everything and despite our search for cost-effective solutions, we rate the quality and expertise of our bidders. We always keep track of translator specialities and experience. The benefit of consulting specialists for terminology, proofreading by native speakers and cross-referencing by format editors, produces a very unique team ...right at your fingertips.

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