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   Prime web consulting provide a indipendet consultants who is the only person you as a client will contact. Our consultant will run the bidding for your translation, supervise all editing and proofreading. Other memember of our staff will handle billing and other organizational issues.

The Translators. It is very useful to divide larger projects among several translators. The number of translators depends solely on the size of your project and the required deadline. Our translators produce "raw translation," sending every ten completed pages to an editor, then goes on totranslate the next 10 pages.

The Editor is the key person ensuring the quality of your translation. Editors work closely with translators, unifying language styles of different translators and provide proof reading. Editors create an on-line vocabulary of project related terminology within the translation team.

The Specialists, recommended by you or selected by us, they are knowlegdable within the subject of your translation and may be consulted when necessary. Specialists provide invaluable guidance, developing a project's specific terminology and helping our translators understand technical, scientific or otherwise difficult texts.

The Proof readers work across several levels of proofreading, providing a consistency check of terminology and style. They make sure that no content was accidentally left out and that the context makes sense in the translated language.

The Format editors are required on more complex projects, where our clients may have very different needs in formatting (headers, font styles, inclusion of photos or graphics) and the final presentation format of the work (output for printing, web design, downloadable formats, books etc.). The format editor's job is to recreate the exact layout of your translated text and mirror its original form.
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